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    Global harmonisation of Rockwool product range starting July 2013

    17th June 2013

    Rockwool have adapted their entire Rockwool Technical Insulation product range to achieve greater transparency and a stronger global identity - ProRox and SeaRox are their new product families for process & power generation and marine & offshore.  The first thing that will strike you is the new clear, consistent nomenclature.

    Two product lines: ProRox and SeaRox

    Rockwool's ProRox line covers all their thermal, fire-resistant and acoustic insulation solutions for technical installations in the industry. The key property of these products is outstanding thermal insulation, which helps keep energy consumption under control.

    Naturally, they also meet the most stringent demands with respect to acoustic insulation and fire resistance. Rockwool have finetuned their marine & offshore line, too, bearing in mind the increasing necessity for an efficient, clear product offering. Under the SeaRox name Rockwool market a full range of fire-safe solutions that also offer optimal acoustic

    Crystal Clear

    You will recognise familiar products in both categories. But that’s not all. This local offering is complemented with all insulation solutions Rockwool market around the globe. Giving you a full global overview of all Rockwool's insulation solutions. The ProRox and SeaRox products have also been given coherent names which makes it even easier to quickly find the exact product you need, regardless of the application.

    Logical Structure

    Each product name is structured in the same clear way: the ProRox or SeaRox brand name followed by a product identifier. This letter code clearly refers to the form of the product. The next combination of digits references the specific product characteristics
    and applications. The first digit represents the product application:
    3 = acoustic insulation
    6 = fire protection
    9 = thermal insulation

    The remaining two digits refer to the product efficiency rating as stated by Rockwool Technical Insulation.

    e.g. ProRox SL 940 ALU UK (see attached picture for code breakdown).

    Lastly, a reference can be added to denote product variants. We also make frequent use of suffixes to refer to the distinguishing product property: ALU for aluminium foil facing.  The abbreviation UK in superscript denotes the product location.

    Thanks to the new uniform product codes, everyone can immediately see what material should be used for a given application wherever they might be in the world.

    Old versus new: it takes a bit of getting used to

    We realise that it might take a while to get the hang of the new nomenclature. This summary of the new product names in the ProRox and SeaRox lines should help you get your bearings.

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