Looking for Alternatives to MgO Boards?

At Encon, we offer several alternatives to MgO boards from leading manufacturers to meet the requirements of the LABC Guarantee.
MgO Board alternatives applied internally and externally

On the 15th April it was announced by Premier Guarantee and the Local Authority Building Control (LABC) that Magnesium Oxide (MgO) boards would no longer be accepted under their guarantee systems.

The NHBC responded with a statement that from the 30th April that they will not accept MgO boards on their sites and must source a suitable alternative to meet the technical requirement of R1 and R3

Solutions to meet the new requirements

At Encon we offer several solutions, not just as a replacement for MgO boards, but products from leading manufacturers to meet the requirements of fire, robust applications, internal and external substrates.

Boards Suitable for External Applications:

Gypsum Fibre Boards:

Cement Fibre Boards:

Calcium Silicate Boards:

Boards suitable for Internal Applications:

Cement Fibre Boards:

Gypsum/Gypsum Fibre Boards:

Our comprehensive range allows you to choose the correct product to meet your performance criteria, tailored to your application allowing the use of a quality product manufactured by world leading manufacturers.

All supplied to your sites in perfect condition in quantities to match your works programme.

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