Glasgow Branch Supplies Iconic Scottish Hotel

The new Kohler Waters Spa is the first of its kind outside the USA. It features 13 treatment rooms, a 20m indoor swimming spa pool, hydrotherapy pool, cold plunge pool, steam room and rooftop garden with hot tub.
Old Course Hotel Case Study

The world-famous Old Course Hotel in St. Andrews was recently voted Scotland’s best wedding venue. When it was decided that the hotel would have a multi-million pound face-lift, the hotel contacted Edinburgh based architects, Sedley Place.

Sedley Place designed the £8 million 2,300sqm leisure centre extension that would be the first of its kind outside of the USA and included 13 treatment rooms, a 20m indoor swimming spa pool, hydrotherapy pool, cold plunge pool, steam room and rooftop garden with hot tub.

The ceilings in the leisure centre extension would be exposed to large amounts moisture, chlorine and salt and would need an indoor ceiling system that could withstand the most challenging wet conditions.

Another product was initially specified at the outset; however the main contractor recommended the use of the complete Knauf AQUAPANEL Indoor ceiling system as which included the suspended Knauf C3 ceiling metal components and Knauf AQUAPANEL SkyLite.

All components of the Knauf AQUAPANEL Indoor ceiling system are engineered and tested to withstand wet environments. Subcontractor Clyde Valley Joiners installed the indoor ceiling system.

Our Nevill Long Glasgow branch worked in partnership with Knauf to supply the materials required for the build.

Knauf AQUAPANEL SkyLite cement boards are lightweight 8mm cement boards which are ideal for interior ceilings in wet and humid areas. Made from water resistant and inorganic materials, the boards prevent mildew forming and spreading. The suspended ceiling structure features metal components coated to achieve a C3 class for corrosion resistance, providing protection against high humidity and chemicals.

Knauf AQUAPANEL Cement Board Indoor was used on the interior walls of the Kohler Waters Spa. Along with the other AQUAPANEL products, Cement Board Indoor can be easily and accurately cut on site using a coarse bladed saw, or by scoring and snapping, which allows simple and efficient installation.

Sedley Place architect, John Cameron said: “We did not have any issue with the change in specification providing that the products had equivalent performance, and this could be demonstrated. The local Knauf representative provided the necessary information to show equivalence.”

George Allison, Branch Director at the Glasgow branch said: “Nevill Long have been working closely with Knauf for many years now and we are delighted to have played a key role in such a high-profile project.  Working together we were able to ensure deliveries were on time, flexibility given on build schedules and provided on-site guidance when required.”