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    Rockpanel: designing for a sustainable future

    The sustainable properties of Rockpanel boards are unique.

    They are manufactured from the sustainable raw material basalt through a highly efficient production process. The durability of stone and the workability of wood are combined in Rockpanel products. The panels fit effortlessly into sustainable developments, and in addition accommodate contemporary architectural trends, combined with a strong emphasis on costs and installation time. Usually they are applied in ventilated constructions, where the products contribute to a healthy indoor climate for any housing, production, or non-residential environment.


    BREEAM-UK (British Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) assesses building products in the UK market. BREEAM UK references the Green Guide as credits are awarded on a sliding scale for using building elements with particular ratings. The Green Guide looks at the life-cycle environmental impacts associated with a product from extraction of raw materials to disposal at end of life across 13 different categories of environmental issues. Most of Rockwool insulation products achieve A+ and A ratings in the BRE Green Guide. The production process and raw materials of Rockpanel products is largely the same as the Rockwool products. See how Rockpanel contributes to a durable future in the paragraph

    ‘Sustainable from beginning to end’. The combination of Rockwool insulation with Rockpanel board material in rainscreen cladding allows designers to tick many green boxes in their design vision, designing for a sustainable future

    Both Rockwool insulation and Rockpanel board material meet all the requirements to optimize energy consumption and simultaneously create a skin of the building for a harmonious effect or a bold statement with daring contrasting colours, without compromising on sustainable aspects. In a market strongly focusing on sustainability, rainscreen cladding constructions will be applied in a wider sense in order to establish comfortable living and working conditions. The ventilated construction not only offers excellent opportunities to comply with current energy standards, moreover it remains flexible for future improvements. The construction can simply be broadened to be filled with additional Rockwool insulation materials.