SPI Clayfill 2400x600x175mm

Stylite Clayfill is a proven way to protect foundations, below concrete ground beams in piled foundation constructions and at the vertical faces of deep trench foundations. The low density expanded polystyrene will protect foundations and piles against the pressure exerted by soil movement and from tree root growth. The cells in this specialist expanded polystyrene will compress within restrictions throughout the life of the structure acting as a defence between the ground and the foundation.

Product code : 29P2406175


SPI Clayfill

EPS is non-toxic, non-irritant and odourless. It does not contain CFC’s or HCFC’s. EPS has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of zero and low Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP). Stylite Expanded Polystyrene is 100% recyclable. EPS is rot proof and durable and will remain an effective insulation for the life of the construction. EPS is not affected by bacteria, moulds or fungi, and will not provide nutrient value for insects or vermin.