ROCKWOOL Fire Barrier System

ROCKWOOL Fire Barrier systems offer essential prevention against fire and smoke in hidden spaces. As part of the comprehensive FIREPRO® range of products, the ROCKWOOL Fire Barrier and Fire Barrier Slabs feature a patented 'Quick Fix' support system, which offer a quick, cost effective solution for periods of up to 60 minutes.

ROCKWOOL Fire Barrier is comprised of stone wool and has a galvanised wire mesh which is stitched to one side. Foil faced options and double sided wire mesh are also available. Fire Barrier systems have been developed to prevent the spread of flames and inhibit heat and smoke through concealed spaces in buildings and improve sound reduction. As vertically hung Fire Barriers, they are able to offer integrity and insulation protection periods from 15 to 120 minutes, in addition to the friction fitted Fire Barrier Slab which also provides 60 minutes integrity and insulation.

Product code : 35E