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    Cavity Closers

    Product Type:

      Building Accessories

    Market Sector:


    Manthorpe G Series Thermal Cavity Closers (60B)

    Product Description:

    Manthorpe’s Thermal Cavity Closers provide a versatile solution to cold bridging problems. They also save time in construction by closing the cavity without the need to return the blockwork.

    The Manthorpe range of Cavity Closers offers an economical solution to closing the cavity at window and door reveals while also solving cold bridging problems. Cavity Closers not only provide a thermal break at the reveal of both door and window openings, they also act as an effective vertical damp proof course (DPC), ensuring compliance with Building Regulations.

    The Manthorpe Cavity Closer also addresses the issue of condensation and promotes an air tight detail. Thermal efficiency can be achieved assuming that all other relevant work has been done in accordance with best practice. The cavity closer is non-load bearing and should not be used as replacement for traditional methods of fixing window and door frames to the masonry.

    The lightweight closers are available in sizes to suit all cavity widths and are simply installed, requiring no special tools. Lengths can be simply cut with a saw, with no loss of thermal efficiency, and with some specific products, PVC flanges provide a secure method of fixing. The closer can be used in individual lengths, or some may be preformed into frames or fixed directly onto window and door frames.


    • G240/G242/G243/G244 range, GWP rating of less than 5
    • G241 Single Flange Cavity Closer, including G241M Multi Width Cavity Closer
    • G247 Cavity Closer, including G247M Multi Width Cavity Closer
    • G249F Fire Rated Cavity Closer range
    • G280 Frame Former


    M4 Product Table

    Encon Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    60BG247M100 MANTH.G247M MULTI WIDTH C.C 100mm (6) BOX
    60BG247M150 MANTH.G247M MULTI WIDTH C.C 150mm (6)
    60BG240075 MANTH-G240 CAV.CLOSER 2.44Mx 75mm LEN.
    60BG240A050 MANTH.G240 CAV.CLOSER 2.5Mx 50mm (6) BOX
    60BG240A075 MANTH.G240 CAV.CLOSER 2.5Mx 75mm (6) BOX
    60BG240A100 MANTH.G240 CAV.CLOSER 2.5Mx100mm (6) BOX
    60BG240A100E MANTH-G240 CAV.CLOSER 2.5Mx100mm (1) LEN.
    60BG240A110 MANTH.G240 CAV.CLOSER 2.5Mx110mm (6) BOX
    60BG240A125 MANTH.G240 CAV.CLOSER 2.5Mx125mm (6) BOX
    60BG240A130 MANTH.G240 CAV.CLOSER 2.5Mx130mm (6) BOX
    60BG240A150 MANTH.G240 CAV.CLOSER 2.5Mx150mm (6) BOX
    60BG240A165E MANTH-G240 CAV.CLOSER 2.5Mx165mm (1)
    60BG242A050 MANTH.G242 CAV.CLOSER 2.5Mx 50mm (6) BOX
    60BG242A100 MANTH.G242 CAV.CLOSER 2.5Mx100mm (6) BOX
    60BG242A150 MANTH.G242 CAV.CLOSER 2.5Mx150mm (6) BOX
    60BG247100 MANTH.G247 CAV.CLOSER 2.44Mx100mm (6) BOX
    60BG249R050070F MANTH.G249 F/R CAV.CLOSER 50- 70 (3) BOX
    60BG249R090110F MANTH.G249 F/R CAV.CLOSER 90-110 (3) BOX
    60BG249R110130F MANTH.G249 F/R CAV.CLOSER 110-130 (3) BOX
    60BG242A125 MANTH.G242 CAV.CLOSER 2.5Mx125mm (6)

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