ARC E1600 Eaves Insulator

The ARC Eaves Insulator was developed to solve the problem of heat loss through the roof membrane at the junction between the pitched roof and the top of the cavity wall.

The nature of the shape of this part of the dwelling lends itself to difficulties in access for construction workers to provide adequate and consistent insulation to prevent heat loss. Traditional methods of filling this ‘triangular cavity’ are to apply a mineral fibre product manually over the ceiling trusses, forcing it into the narrow gap at this junction. This method of filling this ‘triangular cavity’ can be problematic for the construction worker.

Calculating the amount of mineral fibre required is difficult and knowing how much compression is required to achieve an effective fill results in inconsistencies in insulation and therefore the heat loss achieved. The ARC Eaves Insulator solves this problem is easy to fit and performs better than the accredited detail. EI600 is suitable for pitches of 35 degrees or greater.

Product code : 60NEVEI600


ARC Eaves Insulator is designed to be easily installed using the same method as a standard eaves tray. The stalk of the insulation is placed into the top of the external wall cavity, with care being necessary to ensure a snug fit.

The circular overlap of the insulation is pushed in between the roof trusses to rest at ceiling level. The eaves tray can then be mechanically fixed to the roof trusses.

Subsequent Eaves Insulators are fitted in the same manner, ensuring the insulation fits snugly against each other. The product can be trimmed to suit end of run anomalies.

Thermal bridging calculations carried out by Leeds Beckett University confirm that the ARC Eaves Insulator performs better than the accredited detail.