PFC Coated Panel System 1200x600x50mm

PFC Corofil Coated Panel System is used to firestop mechanical, electrical and plumbing services where they pass through fire rated walls.

Tested in accordance with BS 476 Parts 20 & 22:1987 and EN1366-3:2009, PFC Corofil Coated Panel System consists of a 50mm thick mineral fibre batt minimum density 160kg/m³, coated on both faces with a white ablative coating nominally 1mm thick and comprises three elements:

• PFC Corofil Coated Panel (1200mm x 600mm x 50mm)

• PFC Corofil Acoustic Intumescent Sealant

• PFC Corofil Ablative Coating

Product code : 35PDCFP50

Key Performance Criteria

  • Fire Rating Up To No Mins : Up to 240 mins
  • Sound Reduction RW Up To dB : RW up to 65dB

PFC Corofil Coated Panel System