Kemwell FireKem FP-900 2400x1200x12mm

Kemwell FireKem FP-900® is an easy to install, clean and lightweight, non-combustible calcium silicate fire protection building board. It has multi-purpose applications and is commonly used for commercial and industrial building projects. As a versatile Class 0 rated board, it is perfect for internal partitions, external walls, roofs, floors and ceilings, and is particularly suited for dry wall construction applications.

The inherent alkalinity of the board makes it anti-bacterial, meaning it is suitable for use in conditions where hygiene is of concern, such as hospitals or food-preparation areas. It provides superior fire resistance performance and excellent dimensional stability under heat and severe moisture environments making it an ideal choice for a variety of projects.

Product code : 09AKFFP12


Key Performance Criteria

  • Thermal Conductivity : 0.17W/mK
  • Euroclass Fire Classification : A1
  • Fire Rating Up To No Mins : 240 minutes
  • Sound Reduction RW Up To dB : 49dB