fermacell Greenline Jointstik 310ml

The fermacell® Jointstik greenline is a hazard label-free, moisture cross-linked polyurethane-based, ready mixed adhesive. The adhesive does not foam up during the setting process; it is tough-elastic once hardened.


  • No hazard label, low in harmful substances and emissions - tested by eco-Institut Cologne
  • Free of isocyanates, plasticizers, silicone and solvents (pursuant to TRGS 610)
  • Easy to use - bonds and fills joints at the same time and optimised application for walls and ceilings
  • Special application nozzle that dispenses the correct amount of adhesive right in the middle of the joint
  • High joint strength
  • No cracks in the joints when applied correctly
  • Full board strength even for unsupported horizontal joint
  • Easy cleaning of material, tool, etc.

Product code : 36S79224


Key Performance Criteria

  • Product Type : Adhesive

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