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    Fire ProtectionHigh Temperature

    Product Type:

      Passive Fire Protection

    Market Sector:


    Kemwell Impact Board

    Product Description:

    In the event of a major fire, large facilities, walls or enclosures could be subjected to extreme conditions and possible impact damage due to falling debris, leading to total structural failure and in some cases, total collapse.


    In circumstances of extreme fire it is vital both materials and construction are capable of sustaining their design function. When subjected to these extreme conditions, Kemwell Impact Board achieved a fire rating of 4 hours and together with its ability to withstand impact gives it the strength to protect in the harshes of fires.

    Kemwell Impact Board fire barrier systems combine superior levels of fire resistance and high surface impact resistance. They will withstand the wear and tear of industrial and commercial environments and resist the forces of high pressure hose streams encountered during fire-fighting. These outstanding characteristics provide a durable and fire safe method for the construction of vertical barrier systems to maintain compartmentation in industrial environments.

    The Kemwell Impact Board system has been developed with durability, structural stability and fire performance in mind. The system is ideally suitable for the construction of non-loadbearing internal partition walls and ceilings that require a tested fire rating to act as firewalls or compartmentation walls.

    The Kemwell Impact Board system is ideally suited for the construction of non-loadbearing internal partition walls that require a tested fire rating to act as firewalls or compartmentation walls. The insurance industry recognises the value of passive fire protection and the important role of compartmentation in improving safety and potential losses in this area.

    Transformer Barriers:

    Kemwell Impact Board Fire Barriers are essential in providing protection to life, property and infrastructure when there is a risk from transformer failures. Transformers are an integral part of electrical distribution and can explode or catch fire without warning. When a fire or explosion occurs, the damage and costs of clean up and repair can be colossal. The risks involved has resulted in insurance companies demanding added protection to areas housing transformers.


    Kemwell Impact Board's individually designed barriers are the answer as confined space and access restrictions rule out alternative products. Kemwell fire barriers are lightweight, quick to install and offer significant cost savings.


    The need for effective protection of personnel, plant, stores and property in industry is vital. Impact Board is proven to contain fire within compartments of production areas, warehousing or storage facilities, thus allowing evacuation of personnel, minimising disruption of processes and preventing the destruction of valuable stocks and assets.


    M4 Product Table

    Encon Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    41SF24001200 KEMWELL IMPACT BOARD 2400x1200x 9.5mm BOARD