Thermal Economics Isoedge Strip

Isoedge and Isosonic Ceiling perimeter strips are very important components of our acoustic systems that help to reduce flanking sound transmission. They can also be used to isolate services that penetrate acoustic floors and also provide an expansion joint for timber floating floors. Installation is simple as each product has an adhesive backing strip and where required they are die-cut and overprinted with instructions

Product code : 54KIE

Thermal Economics Isoedge Acoustic Floor Strip

Isoedge 6/260 is designed for use in our Isorubber Base/Code and Isorubber HP3 under screed systems. It is used to isolating the screed from the walls, plaster / plasterboard, skirting and penetrations reducing flanking sound transmission. The use of Isoedge 6/260 is a requirement of Robust Details E-FC-4, E-FC-12 and E-FC-14. It is die-cut 100mm from the bottom edge and has an adhesive backing strip; the front face is also overprinted to aid installation.