Manufacturer: TEMATI

Temati offers a wide range of solutions to protect your insulation systems against mechanical damage, weather influences, chemical attack and the ingress of moisture through vapour permeance (cold and ambient systems). Temati is sole European licensee manufacturer/supplier for Foster® and Childers products and supplies a full range of mastics, coatings, sealants and adhesives for the attachment, sealing and coating of thermal insulation materials. As a forerunner in the development of more environmentally-friendly products, Foster® offers a full range of effective water-based products for all insulation systems, including water-based vapour-barriers. In addition to the Foster® range, various other solutions are available. Temati offers a complete range of products for the protection and installation of your insulation systems, such as Tembutil IF™ aluminium butyl-rubber vapour barrier foil/tape, a 5 ply Alu/PET laminate 62-05 Vapor Fas, Temfoil pure aluminium foil and self-adhesive tape and a range of industrial sealants, Temseal.

You can find more information on Temati products in our Technical Solutions Price Guide - visit our Literature and Guides page to download a copy.