SAS330 forms part of the SAS premium offering with a host of value-added design elements. A profile suspended ceiling, the system is available in a tartan or linear grid form, suitable for any building module. Ceiling tiles can be of any shape, in up to 3m lengths and available in a variety of finishes.

Benefits are:

  • The design flexibility of SAS330 allows for complete void access, total service integration and also offers lighting integration.
  • Signage and partitioning can be seamlessly integrated via the M6 threaded Omega C-Profile. Alternatively, we offer a flush, plain C-Profile for a clean, purist aesthetic. Either profile has the option of a gasket to aid precision, uniform installation.
  • Unprecedented range of tile sizes to suit any building module
  • Flexible layouts for relocation of partitions (Omega C-Profile)
  • Optional hinge down mechanisms
  • Linear (SAS330L) and Tartan (SAS330T) grid options
  • SAS330 offers the specifier a number of safe and robust options for void access. This is particularly important when considering larger panel sizes, lights and other integrated services.
  • C-Profile suspension (flush / plain). Omega C-Profile (with quirk for partitioning and signage integration).
  • Narrow C Profile Extrusions available or a range of narrower, aluminium extruded C-Profile and Omega C-Profiles are available to meet design requirements.
  • Profiles can be suspended from either an Emac Channel or direct from the soffit.