SAS International SAS130

SAS130 offers either a flush (Alugrid) or tegular (Tee Grid) finish metal ceiling, depending on aesthetic preference. Lay-in tiles are quick to mount and dismount offering simple access to the ceiling void. The suspended ceiling ingrates seamlessly with both partitioning and signage for hassle free installations (Alugrid Q).The system can also form an airtight seal (with Alugrid Cleanseal) for air management and moisture control applications.

Three Grid Options Available:

- SAS Alugrid-Q (Alugrid with a quirk to allow for integration with partitioning)

- SAS Alugrid-P (Alugrid with a plain face for clean, flush ceiling plane)

- SAS Tee Grid (for strong tegular appearance)

Product code : TL-66C39AB734-9162019111647AM

SAS International SAS130 Ceiling System