ROCKWOOL Soffit Slab

The Soffit Slab has been created to provide a cost-effective fire resistant and thermal insulation solution for structural elements such as concrete car park soffits. The Soffit Slab is manufactured from non-combustible rigid ROCKWOOL® board and has been designed with a variety of facings. To match design and colour schemes, it is available in black or white tissue, aluminium foil facing, un-faced and also as a non-combustible high impact board.

The rigid ROCKWOOL insulation board also offers excellent thermal and acoustic performance - available in various thicknesses, it provides up to 4 hours protection, including reinforced concrete floors. Critically, The ROCKWOOL® Soffit Slab is water repellent ensuring that moisture is kept out. The durability of the product increases further when used in combination with the 6mm non-combustible high impact option.

The use of the two products together provides increased impact resistance and are available in thicknesses from 136mm to 166mm in 10 mm increments.

Product code : 36E