Manufacturer: ROCKWOOL

Fire protection of steel ductwork is important to stop the spread of fire through building services, which if breached can allow fire to spread rapidly throughout the building. Fire Duct Systems provide fire protection to circular and rectangular steel ductwork (in vertical and horizontal applications). The ROCKWOOL Fire Duct Systems provide comprehensive performance for stability, integrity and insulation, for all ducts passing through fire-rated walls or floors.

ROCKWOOL Fire Duct System

There are three products within the ROCKWOOL Fire Duct System; Fire Duct Slab, Fire Duct Section and Fire Duct PSM, each specially designed for different applications.

Benefits are:

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Fully certified to BS 476–24 (duct types A and B)
  • Single layer, enabling verification of system installation
  • Space efficient, non-brittle, strong and safe
  • Multi-role insulation: fire protection, acoustic and thermal
  • Can be installed on standard DW144/42 ductwork