ROCKWOOL Ductwrap and Ductslab are used for the thermal insulation of cold water storage, feed and expansion tanks. The products are recommended for ductwork for service temperatures of up to 230°C. Ductslab is supplied as a semi-rigid insulation slab faced with reinforced aluminium foil.

Ductslab is better suited to rectangular ducts due to its rigidity. This solution is recommended for service temperatures of up to 230˚C. The thermal insulation solutions are often applied to air conditioning, warm air and extractor ducts, located in plant rooms, boiler houses or externally.

In addition to its thermal properties, the mineral wool insulation delivers acoustic performance which can be desirable for applications to ducts that carry gases, fluids or particle solids at high velocities.

The use of ROCKWOOL Ductslab can also significantly improve the level of environmental sound, for a far more pleasant working environment.

Product code : 05D