Rockfon System T15 A E ECR

Rockfon® System T15 A, E ECR™ is a versatile and simple ceiling system suitable for humid and harsh indoor environments such as swimming pools, kitchens and sanitary areas where corrosion resistance, longevity and safety are key factors. The system enables complete tile demountability allowing for quick and easy access to installations. It can be used to create semi-concealed and visible grid ceiling solutions by combining the grid with Rockfon A and E edge tiles. The grid comprises click, joggle end connections between main runner and cross tees which provide quick and easy installation together with demountability and stability. The main runners and cross tees are 15mm wide with a uniform depth of 38mm ensuring good strength and easy service integration.

Product code : TL-DAB5AD4E74-9162019104959AM

Rockfon® System T15 A, E ECR™