Manufacturer: ROCKFON

Rockfon Blanka® dB 43 combines enhanced room to room sound insulation as well as high levels of sound absorption (Class A) for a flexible office layout where confidentiality is important. Made from a 35mm dual layer stone wool core and high performance membrane, the ceiling tiles are perfect at reducing the transmission of noise from room to room. The ceiling tiles offer a smooth, deep matt, super white surface finish with enhanced durability, making it more resistant to dirt and everyday wear and tear and are also easily cleaned with a vacuum or damp cloth. Rockfon Blanka® dB 43 provides a wide range of dimensions suitable for concealed, semi-concealed and visible grid options.

Benefits are:

  • Sound absorption Class A
  • Durable surface - resistant to dirt
  • Suitable for semi-concealed, concealed and visible ceiling grids
  • A large variety of module sizes
  • Super white surface
  • Lightweight
  • Quick and easy installation