RCM Sealing Tape

DAFA UV tape is a single-sided tape with exceptional strength and adhesion which is suitable for outdoor use as part of the building envelope.

Made from acrylic it is predominantly used for sealing the board to board joints of the RCM sheathing board range. DAFA UV tape can withstand direct sunlight, periodic heavy rain, moisture and large temperature fluctuations without losing its adhesive properties.

DAFA UV tape is part of RCM’s airtightness system, Joint Seal, and meets stringent requirements when used as part of this solution. DAFA UV tape can be used independently of RCM products.

Suitable for the following:

  • Board to board sheathing board joints
  • Wind barrier overlaps
  • Difficult vapour barrier joints
  • Vapour barrier overlaps

Product code : 34YDF

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