RCM Joint Seal

RCM Joint Seal has been designed to create an air-tight seal on RCM’s external sheathing boards. It can also be used independently of RCM products.

What does RCM Joint Seal include?

RCM Joint Seal is made up of two products; DAFA UV tape, which is a single-sided tape made from polyethylene and RCM Joint Seal liquid, which is a temporary protective coating designed to protect non-porous surfaces from damage caused by abrasion, staining, spillage, weathering and scratching.

Application of RCM Joint Seal

The solution is fully tested and easy to apply. Simply apply 60mm wide RCM Joint Seal black Dafa tape centrally over the board joint, ensuring there are no air bubbles or kinks. Then apply a layer of RCM Joint Seal liquid, 100mm wide ensuring the layer conceals the black Dafa tape. Finally leave to dry fully.

As Joint Seal is an air dry system and drying times will vary depending on weather conditions do not apply liquid if there is rain expected. The solution is water based and if not completely dry could experience wash off in wet conditions.

RCM DAFA UV tape can withstand direct sunlight, periodic heavy rain, moisture and large temperature fluctuations without losing its adhesive properties.

Product code : 34YJS

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