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    Compressible Ground Fill

    Product Type:

      Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

    Market Sector:


    Kay Metzeler Claylite (29K)

    Product Description:

    Protection for foundations against soil movement

    Claylite is a green coloured low density expanded polystyrene compressible fill board which acts to absorb movement between ground and concrete foundations to alleviate pressure on structures caused by clay heave, shrinkage or other soil movement.

    Four types are available:

    • Claylite: for standard applications with ground beams and in even sided trenches
    • Claylite Super: for extra strength in uneven sided trenches
    • Claylite Castellated: for fitting under lightweight ground beams
    • Claylite Super Castellated: gives added strength and stability over Claylite Castellated


    M4 Product Table

    Encon Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    29K24001200050 VITA CLAYLITE 2400x1200x 50mm SHEET
    29K24001200050P VITA CLAYLITE 2400x1200x 50mm (6) PACK
    29K24001200070 VITA CLAYLITE 2400x1200x 70mm SHEET
    29K24001200075 VITA CLAYLITE 2400x1200x 75mm SHEET
    29K24001200075P VITA CLAYLITE 2400x1200x 75mm (4) PACK
    29K24001200100 VITA CLAYLITE 2400x1200x100mm SHEET
    29K24001200100P VITA CLAYLITE 2400x1200x100mm (3) PACK
    29K24001200150 VITA CLAYLITE 2400x1200x150mm SHEET
    29K24001200200 VITA CLAYLITE 2400x1200x200mm SHEET
    29K24001200250 VITA CLAYLITE 2400x1200x250mm SHEET
    29K24000600175 VITA CLAYLITE 2400x 600x175mm
    29K24001200025P VITA CLAYLITE 2400x1200x 25mm (12)
    29K24000600100 VITA CLAYLITE 2400x 600x100mm
    29K24000600025 VITA CLAYLITE 2400x 600x 25mm
    29K24001200160 VITA CLAYLITE 2400x1200x160mm