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    Metal Stud Partitions

    Product Type:

      Metal Sections & Profiles

    Market Sector:

      Nevill Long

    Longline Head & Floor U Tracks (53LF)

    Product Description:

    Designed to work with metal studs, U Channel forms the standard head and floor track for partitions and wall linings.

    Key Features:

    • Use with Knauf metal studs
    • Lightweight and easy to carry
    • Easily accommodate service runs


    When to Use:

    • For both commercial and domestic partitions


    Available in Standard, Deep and Extra Deep flanges

    The Longline range of Drywall Metal profiles and sections is our own brand value offering, perfect for non-specified work where you have the material choice in your hands and want a value for money product without compromising quality.


    M4 Product Table

    Encon Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    53LFT05030 LIBRA STANDARD TRACK 3.0Mx 50x 25mm LEN.
    53LFT05230 LIBRA STANDARD TRACK 3.0Mx 52x 25mm LEN.
    53LFT06230 LIBRA STANDARD TRACK 3.0Mx 62x 25mm LEN.
    53LFT07230 LIBRA STANDARD TRACK 3.0Mx 72x 25mm LEN.
    53LFT07530 LIBRA STANDARD TRACK 3.0Mx 75x 25mm LEN.
    53LFT09430 LIBRA STANDARD TRACK 3.0Mx 94x 25mm LEN.
    53LFT14830 LIBRA STANDARD TRACK 3.0Mx148x 25mm LEN.
    53LFTD05030 LIBRA DEEP TRACK 3.0Mx 50x 50mm LEN.
    53LFTD05230 LIBRA DEEP TRACK 3.0Mx 52x 50mm LEN.
    53LFTD06230 LIBRA DEEP TRACK 3.0Mx 62x 50mm LEN.
    53LFTD07230 LIBRA DEEP TRACK 3.0Mx 72x 50mm LEN.
    53LFTD09430 LIBRA DEEP TRACK 3.0Mx 94x 50mm LEN.
    53LFTD14830 LIBRA DEEP TRACK 3.0Mx148x 50mm LEN.
    53LFTD14836 LIBRA-DEEP TRACK 3.6Mx148x 50mm LEN.
    53LFTED05230 LIBRA EXTRA DEEP TRACK 3.0Mx 52x 70mm LEN.
    53LFTED07230 LIBRA EXTRA DEEP TRACK 3.0Mx 72x 70mm LEN.
    53LFTED09430 LIBRA EXTRA DEEP TRACK 3.0Mx 94x 70mm LEN.
    53LFTED14830 LIBRA EXTRA DEEP TRACK 3.0Mx148x 70mm LEN.

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