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    Cladding InsulationIndustrial Roofing

    Product Type:

      Mineral Fibre - Rock

    Market Sector:

      Building, Roofing

    Rockwool Rainscreen Duo-Slab (05F)

    Product Description:

    RAINSCREEN DUO SLAB® is a dual density insulation board comprising a robust outer surface and a resilient inner face which has been designed for use in conditions of severe climatic exposure. When installed RAINSCREEN DUO SLAB® will knit together when tightly butt jointed, eliminating extraneous heat loss that can be caused through gaps in some insulations. Because of its unique dual density construction RAINSCREEN DUO SLAB® requires fewer fixings, thus providing a cost effective solution in over cladding applications. ROCKWOOL ventilated facades are suitable for a wide range of building types. Our large selection of cladding types offers unlimited grid geometries, material choices, and effects. Complimentary products include ROCKPANEL - please visit for information.


    • Euroclass A1 non-combustible, ideal for buildings above 18 meters
    • High resistance to wind and rain
    • Fewer fixings required for installation when compared to standard stone wool slabs
    • Robust front face resists damage and over-driving of fixings
    • Cost effective solution for over cladding applications


    M4 Product Table

    Encon Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    05F1050 RW-RAINSCREEN DUO 1000x 600x 50mm (8) PACK
    05F1100 RW-RAINSCREEN DUO 1000x 600x100mm (6)
    05F1125 RW-RAINSCREEN DUO 1000x 600x125mm (5) PACK
    05FK1125 RW-RAINSCREEN DUO 1000x 600x125mm BTF(5)
    05FK1075 RW-RAINSCREEN DUO 1000x 600x 75mm BTF(6)
    05F1206140 RW RAINSCREEN DUO 1200x 600x140mm (3)
    05F1206080 RW-RAINSCREEN DUO 1200x 600x 80mm (4)
    05F1206160 RW-RAINSCREEN DUO 1200x 600x160mm (2)
    05F1206070 RW-RAINSCREEN DUO 1200x 600x 70mm (6)
    05F1206200 RW-RAINSCREEN DUO 1200x 600x200mm (2)
    05F1204050 RW-RAINSCREEN DUO 1200x 450x 50mm (8)
    05F1206110 RW-RAINSCREEN DUO 1200x 600x110mm (4)
    05F1204110 RW-RAINSCREEN DUO 1200x 450x110mm (6)
    05F1204080 RW-RAINSCREEN DUO 1200x 450x 80mm (5)
    05FK1100 RW-RAINSCREEN DUO 1000x 600x100mm BTF(6)
    05F1206090 RW-RAINSCREEN DUO 1200x 600x 90mm (4)
    05F1206050 RW RAINSCREEN DUO 1200x 600x 50mm (8)
    05F1206060 RW RAINSCREEN DUO 1200x 600x 60mm (6)
    05F1206075 RW RAINSCREEN DUO 1200x 600x 75mm (6)
    05F1206100 RW RAINSCREEN DUO 1200x 600x100mm (4)
    05F1206125 RW RAINSCREEN DUO 1200x 600x125mm (3)
    05F1206150 RW RAINSCREEN DUO 1200x 600x150mm (3)
    05F1206180 RW RAINSCREEN DUO 1200x 600x180mm (2)

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