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    AccessCeiling LiningDrywall Accessories - OtherFire Protection

    Product Type:

      Access Panels

    Market Sector:

      Nevill Long

    Profab 7000 Series Fire Rated Ceiling Access Panel (38C)

    Product Description:

    Performance range of access panels for jointless plasterboard/plaster ceilings. The PROFAB 7000 series range of hinged steel access panels provides regular access into jointless plasterboard or plaster ceilings systems that may require up to 1-hour fire resistance, when access to mechanical and electrical services is required.

    Available with a plasterboard or metal door, picture or beaded frame, and a choice of lock options.

    Non fire rated version also available.

    All Profab Access panels are availavle in custom sizes made to order - ring your local Encon branch to enquire. 


    M4 Product Table

    Encon Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    38C71MBB450 PROFAB 7000/1FR/MD/BF/BL 450x450 PANEL EACH
    38C71MBB600 PROFAB 7000/1FR/MD/BF/BL 600x600 PANEL EACH
    38C71MBB9006 PROFAB 7000/1FR/MD/BF/BL 900x600 PANEL EACH
    38C71MPB450 PROFAB 7000/1FR/MD/PF/BL 450x450 PANEL EACH
    38C71MPB600 PROFAB 7000/1FR/MD/PF/BL 600x600 PANEL EACH
    38C71MPB9006 PROFAB 7000/1FR/MD/PF/BL 900x600 PANEL EACH
    38C71PBB12006 PROFAB 7000/1FR/PD/BF/BL 1200x600 PANEL EACH
    38C71PBB300 PROFAB 7000/1FR/PD/BF/BL 300x300 PANEL EACH
    38C71PBB450 PROFAB 7000/1FR/PD/BF/BL 450x450 PANEL EACH
    38C71PBB550 PROFAB 7000/1FR/PD/BF/BL 550x550 PANEL EACH
    38C71PBB600 PROFAB 7000/1FR/PD/BF/BL 600x600 PANEL EACH
    38C71PBB6003 PROFAB 7000/1FR/PD/BF/BL 600x300 PANEL EACH
    38C71PBB9006 PROFAB 7000/1FR/PD/BF/BL 900x600 PANEL EACH
    38C71MBS600 PROFAB-7000/1FR/MD/BF/SL 600x600 PANEL

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