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    FixingsVessels, Tanks, Chimneys etc

    Product Type:

      Industrial Ancillaries

    Market Sector:


    Aluminium & Stainless Steel Rivets (41P)

    Product Description:

    Used for secruring external cladding systems in industrial applications


    M4 Product Table

    Encon Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    41PSD321610 STEEL/STEEL DH RIVET 3.2x16mm (1000) BOX
    41PSD321210 STEEL/STEEL DH RIVET 3.2x12mm (1000) BOX
    41PSD321010 STEEL/STEEL DH RIVET 3.2x10mm (1000) BOX
    41PSD320810 STEEL/STEEL DH RIVET 3.2x 8mm (1000) BOX
    41PSD320610 STEEL/STEEL DH RIVET 3.2x 6mm (1000) BOX
    41PED482010 ALU/ALU TRIFORM RIVET 4.8x20.5mm (1000) BOX
    41PBTD481610 SS/SS DOME RIVET 4.8x16mm (1000)
    41PBTD481210 SS/SS DOME RIVET 4.8x12mm (1000) BOX
    41PBTD481010 SS/SS DOME RIVET 4.8x10mm (1000) BOX
    41PBTD401610 SS/SS DOME RIVET 4.0x16mm (1000) BOX
    41PBTD401210 SS/SS DOME RIVET 4.0x12mm (1000) BOX
    41PBTD401010 SS/SS DOME RIVET 4.0x10mm (1000) BOX
    41PBTD401005 SS/SS-DOME RIVET 4.0x10mm ( 500) BOX
    41PBTD400810 SS/SS DOME RIVET 4.0x 8mm (1000) BOX
    41PBTD321210 SS/SS DOME RIVET 3.2x12mm (1000) BOX
    41PBTD321010 SS/SS DOME RIVET 3.2x10mm (1000) BOX
    41PCCD401610 COPPER/STEEL RIVET 4.0x16mm (1000)
    41PBTD320810 SS/SS DOME RIVET 3.2x 8mm (1000) BOX
    41PBTD320610 SS/SS DOME RIVET 3.2x 6mm (1000) BOX
    41PAWD401210 ALU/STEEL WHITE DH RIVET 4.0x12mm (1000)
    41PAWD321010 ALU/STEEL WHITE DH RIVET 3.2x10mm (1000) BOX
    41PASD481210 ALU/STEEL DOME RIVET 4.8x12mm (1000) BOX
    41PASD481010 ALU/STEEL DOME RIVET 4.8x10mm (1000) BOX
    41PASD401210 ALU/STEEL DOME RIVET 4.0x12mm (1000) BOX
    41PASD401205 ALU/STEEL-DOME RIVET 4.0x12mm ( 500) BOX
    41PASD401010 ALU/STEEL DOME RIVET 4.0x10mm (1000) BOX
    41PASD321210 ALU/STEEL DOME RIVET 3.2x12mm (1000) BOX
    41PASD480810 ALU/STEEL DOME RIVET 4.8x 8mm (1000)
    41PASD321010 ALU/STEEL DOME RIVET 3.2x10mm (1000) BOX
    41PASD321005 ALU/STEEL-DOME RIVET 3.2x10mm ( 500) BOX
    41PBTD480810 SS/SS DOME RIVET 4.8x 8mm (1000)
    41PASD320810 ALU/STEEL DOME RIVET 3.2x 8mm (1000) BOX
    41PASD320805 ALU/STEEL-DOME RIVET 3.2x 8mm ( 500) BOX
    41PASD320610 ALU/STEEL DOME RIVET 3.2x 6mm (1000) BOX
    41PWAD481010 ALU/STEEL SEALED RIVET 4.8x9.5mm(1000)
    41PUD3208 ALU/STEEL MULTI-GRIP RIVET 3.2x 8mm(1000
    41PUD48157035 ALU/STEEL M-GRIP RIV.4.8x15mmOYSTER(1000
    41PBTD501210 SS/SS DOME RIVET 5.0x12mm (1000)
    41PASD481610 ALU/STEEL DOME RIVET 4.8x16mm (1000)
    41PBND321010 316 SS/SS DOME RIVET 3.2x10mm (1000)
    41PBTD321810 SS/SS DOME RIVET 3.2x18mm (1000)
    41PPAD482010 ALU/STEEL PEEL DH RIVET 4.8x20mm (1000) BOX
    41PED401810 ALU/ALU TRIFORM RIVET 4.0x18.8mm (1000) BOX
    41PBTD321510 SS/SS DOME RIVET 3.2x15mm (1000) BOX
    41PBTD402010 SS/SS DOME RIVET 4.0x20mm (1000) BOX
    41PWTD480910 STEEL/STEEL SEALED RIVET 4.8x9.0mm(1000)
    41PWTD320610 STEEL/STEEL SEALED RIVET 3.2x6.0mm(1000)
    41PBTD483010 SS/SS DOME RIVET 4.8x30mm (1000)
    41PASL482010 ALU/STEEL L/HEAD DOME RIVET 4.8x20(1000)
    41PASD401410 ALU/STEEL DOME RIVET 4.0x14mm (1000) BOX
    41PSD401010 STEEL/STEEL DH RIVET 4.0x10mm (1000) BOX
    41PSD401210 STEEL/STEEL DH RIVET 4.0x12mm (1000) BOX
    41PSD481010 STEEL/STEEL DH RIVET 4.8x10mm (1000) BOX
    41PWAD401010 ALU/STEEL SEALED RIVET 4.0x9.5mm(1000)
    41PWAD401015 ALU/STEEL-SEALED RIVET 4.0x9.5mm(1500)
    41PASD400810 ALU/STEEL DOME RIVET 4.0x 8mm (1000) BOX
    41PASX481810 ALU/STEEL L/FLANGE RIVET 4.8x18mm (1000)
    41PABR481205 ALU/STEEL BROWN DH RIVET 4.8x12mm ( 500)
    41PWAD321010 ALU/STEEL SEALED RIVET 3.2x9.5mm(1000)
    41PASD503505 ALU/STEEL DOME RIVET 5.0x35mm (500)
    41PAWD481210 ALU/STEEL WHITE DH RIVET 4.8x12mm (1000)
    41PAWD321210 ALU/STEEL WHITE DH RIVET 3.2x12mm (1000)
    41PSD401015 STEEL/STEEL DH RIVET 4.0x10mm (1500)
    41PASD400610 ALU/STEEL DOME RIVET 4.0x 6mm (1000)