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    Ceiling Lining

    Product Type:

      Plasterboard - Performance

    Market Sector:

      Nevill Long

    Knauf Cleaneo Akustik Perforated & Patterned Boards (56CJB)

    Product Description:

    Knauf Cleaneo Akustik (formerly named Knauf Apertura) perforated plasterboard is the ideal solution for large public spaces in retail centres, office complexes, hospitals, schools, showrooms, conference halls and galleries. Combining unrivalled sound absorption performance and attractive design in one easy-to-install board.

    Knauf Cleaneo Akustik reduces noise reverberation whilst enhancing the design of any space. Sixteen different perforation styles give the specifier complete creative freedom, whilst the tested and proven sound absorption performance gives complete confidence.

    All Knauf Cleaneo Akustik boards are supplied with the Cleaneo air cleaning effect to reduce in-air VOCs and pollutants, and with a high-quality paper face, providing an excellent surface for direct decoration.

    Knauf Cleaneo Akustik Seamless

    The new generation of Knauf Cleaneo Akustik Seamless plasterboards have a unique FF Edge profile, a lapped edge on two sides of the panel, helping to ensure boards are correctly spaced and minimising the amount of jointing material required to create a perfect seamless finish.

    The Knauf Cleaneo Akustik Seamless range offers seven sizes of circular straight line perforation, five with one perforation size, two with two perforation sizes and two with a random circular perforation. There are also two sizes available with square line perforation. They are supplied backed with an acoustic lining in either black or white. Each board has precision engineered edges to deliver a unique seamless finish when jointed with Knauf Uniflott.

    Knauf Cleaneo Akustik Block

    Knauf Cleaneo Akustik Block range offers three sizes of slot pattern, available with either a square edge profile or a tapered edge profile (subject to a minimum order quantity) and six sizes of square pattern perforations some with an FF edge profile and some with a tapered edge profile. They are supplied backed with an acoustic lining in either black, white or grey.

    Knauf Cleaneo Akustik Linear

    The Knauf Cleaneo Akustik Linear perforated plasterboard range offers a unique installation requiring no jointing when used in conjunction with Knauf Cleaneo Akustik Linear Caps. This system offers a very quick and clean installation whilst still providing excellent acoustic performance and aesthetic design. Knauf Cleaneo Akustik Linear is available in three sizes of circular perforation and one random circular perforation.


    M4 Product Table

    Encon Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    56CJBIU81520 KN PLAZA S24 UNI 8/15/20 A-P 600x600 (8)
    56CJBGT1A0606 KN PLAZA S15/24 T1 600x600x12.5mm A (8)
    56CJBGQ1A0606 KN PLAZA S15/24 Q1 600x600x9.5mm A (10)
    56CJBGP1A0606 KN PLAZA S15/24 P1 600x600x9.5mm A (10)
    56CJBFP1D1804 KN CORRIDOR 400 P1 1800x400mm D (4)
    56CJBCT1E0606 KN BELGRAVIA S24 T1 600x600mm E (8)
    56CJBCQ1E0606 KN BELGRAVIA S24 Q1 600x600mm E (8)
    56CJBCP1E0606 KN BELGRAVIA S24 P1 600x600mm E (8)
    56CJBCM1E0606 KN BELGRAVIA S24 M1 600x600mm E (8)
    56CJBCG1E0606 KN BELGRAVIA S24 G1 600x600mm E (8)
    56CJBBP1E0606 KN BELGRAVIA S15 P1 600x600mm E (8)
    56CJBBGU40606 KN BELGRAVIA S15 U4 600x600mm E-PLUS (8)
    56CJBBGU30606 KN BELGRAVIA S15 U3 600x600mm E-PLUS (8)
    56CJBBG1E0606 KN BELGRAVIA S15 G1 600x600mm E (8)
    56CJBAAT1B KN ADIT T1 2400x450x12.5mm B PACK(2.16SQ
    56CJBBG1E1206 KN BELGRAVIA S15 G1 1200x600mm E (4)
    56CJBGG1A1206 KN PLAZA S15/24 G1 1200x600x9.5mm A (6)
    56CJBGQ1A1206 KN PLAZA S15/24 Q1 1200x600x9.5mm A (10)
    56CJBFM1D1204 KN CORRIDOR 400 M1 1200x400mm D (4)
    56CJBEM10606 KN CONTUR S24 M1 600x600x12.5mm D (8)
    56CJBSM1A0606 KN-MARKANT S15 M1 600x600mm E (8)
    56CJBJT1E1204 KN VISONA S24 T1 1200x400mm E (8)
    56CJBFP1D1204 KN CORRIDOR 400 P1 1200x400mm D (4)
    56CJBFG1D1204 KN CORRIDOR 400 G1 1200x400mm D (4)
    56CJBBQ1E0606 KN BELGRAVIA S15 Q1 600x600mm E (8)

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