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    Fire ProtectionWall Lining - Internal & Partitions

    Product Type:

      Plasterboard - Performance

    Market Sector:

      Building, Nevill Long

    Knauf Fire Panel (53SF)

    Product Description:

    Knauf Fire Panel offers superior fire protection.

    • Pink face to receive decoration
    • Available with a vapourcheck



    M4 Product Table

    Encon Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    53SFS1252225 KN-FIRE PANEL 2225x1200x12.5mm SE
    53SFT12518001T KN FIRE PANEL 1800x 900x12.5mm TE (40) BOARD
    53SFT1502800 KN-FIRE PANEL 2800x1200x15.0mm TE
    53SFS1251800 KN FIRE PANEL 1800x 900x12.5mm SE BOARD
    53SFS1252400 KN FIRE PANEL 2400x1200x12.5mm SE BOARD
    53SFT1251800 KN FIRE PANEL 1800x 900x12.5mm TE BOARD
    53SFT1252400 KN FIRE PANEL 2400x1200x12.5mm TE BOARD
    53SFT1252700 KN FIRE PANEL 2700x1200x12.5mm TE BOARD
    53SFT1253000 KN FIRE PANEL 3000x1200x12.5mm TE BOARD
    53SFT1502400 KN FIRE PANEL 2400x1200x15.0mm TE BOARD
    53SFT1502700 KN FIRE PANEL 2700x1200x15.0mm TE BOARD
    53SFT1503000 KN FIRE PANEL 3000x1200x15.0mm TE BOARD
    53SFVT1502400 KN-FIRE VAPOUR PANEL 2400x1200x15.0mm TE BOARD
    53SFSS150240050 KN FIRE PANEL STRIP 2400x 50x 15mm
    53SFSS150300070 KN FIRE PANEL STRIP 3000x 70x 15mm

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