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    Floor Insulation - Ground

    Product Type:

      Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

    Market Sector:


    SPI Stylite EPS Gridboard UFH Insulation (29Q)

    Product Description:

    Stylite White EPS Gridboard Underfloor Heating insulation is supplied with a grid patterned membrane to assist with the installation of underfloor heating pipes. Size 2400 x 1200mm and available in thicknesses from 25-300mm.

    • Cost effective insulation for the lifetime of the building
    • 50mm grid pattern for easy pipe laying
    • Split woven membrane acts as vapour control layer
    • Compatible with any under floor heating system
    Stylite EPS70  Thermal conductivity 0.038 W/mK  Compressive strength 70kPa
    Stylite EPS100  Thermal conductivity 0.036 W/mK  Compressive strength 100kPa
    Stylite EPS150  Thermal Conductivity 0.034 W/mK  Compressive strength 150kPa
    Stylite EPS200  Thermal conductivity 0.034 W/mK  Compressive strength 200kPa
    Stylite EPS250  Thermal conductivity 0.034 W/mK  Compressive strength 250kPa 



    M4 Product Table

    Encon Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    29Q100025 STYR GRIDBOARD EPS 100 2400x1200x 25mm
    29Q100100 STYR GRIDBOARD EPS 100 2400x1200x100mm
    29Q200035 STYR GRIDBOARD EPS 200 2400x1200x 35mm
    29QPS50 STYR PERIMETER STRIP 50Mx150x 8mm
    29QU1001212042 STYR UFH EPS100 1200x1200x42mm
    29QPT0701400 STYR GRIDBOARD PLUS 70 2400x1200x140mm