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    Pitched Roofs - Ceiling level

    Product Type:

      Mineral Fibre - Glass

    Market Sector:

      Building, Roofing

    Isover Spacesaver & Spacesaver Plus (12GR-S)

    Product Description:

    Spacesaver and Spacesaver Plus are high quality thermal insulation mats in roll form, perforated along the roll to allow the user the choice of full, half or third width options from a single roll.

    • Spacesaver and Spacesaver Plus - three products in one roll, therefore reducing storage space
    • Exceptional tear strength
    • Totally non-combustible
    • Durable - not easily damaged in storage, during transport or on site when installed
    • Easy to install
    • Long product life - will not age

    Thermal conductivity:

    Spacesaver          0.044W/m.K
    Spacesaver Plus  0.040W/m.K


    M4 Product Table

    Encon Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    12GSLI100 ISOVER SPACESAVER LITE 7.00x1160x100mm
    12GSLI150 ISOVER SPACESAVER LITE 4.70x1160x150mm
    12GSLI170 ISOVER SPACESAVER LITE 4.22x1160x170mm
    12GSLI200 ISOVER SPACESAVER LITE 3.50x1160x200mm
    12GSP100 ISOVER SPACESAVER PLUS 7.00x1160x100mm ROLL
    12GSP150 ISOVER SPACESAVER PLUS 4.67x1160x150mm ROLL
    12GSP200 ISOVER SPACESAVER PLUS 3.50x1160x200mm ROLL
    12GSRC0386100 ISOVER SPACESAVER R/CUT 9.17x3/386x100mm ROLL
    12GSRC0386150 ISOVER SPACESAVER R/CUT 6.03x3/386x150mm ROLL
    12GSRC0386200 ISOVER SPACESAVER R/CUT 3.88x3/386x200mm ROLL
    12GSRC0580100 ISOVER SPACESAVER R/CUT 9.17x2/580x100mm ROLL
    12GSRC0580150 ISOVER SPACESAVER R/CUT 6.03x2/580x150mm ROLL
    12GSRC0580200 ISOVER SPACESAVER R/CUT 3.88x2/580x200mm ROLL
    12GSRO100 ISOVER SPACESAVER ROLL 9.17x1160x100mm ROLL
    12GSRO150 ISOVER SPACESAVER ROLL 6.03x1160x150mm ROLL
    12GSRO170 ISOVER SPACESAVER ROLL 5.39x1160x170mm ROLL
    12GSRO200 ISOVER SPACESAVER ROLL 3.88x1160x200mm ROLL

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