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    Cavity Insulation - Full Fill

    Product Type:

      Mineral Fibre - Glass

    Market Sector:


    Isover CWS (17K)

    Product Description:

    Silicone impregnated glass mineral wool slabs providing thermal insulation in masonry cavity walls in full-fill applications.

    Isover CWS is designed to be installed during construction in the cavity between two masonry leaves in external walls. The product is a non-combustible, silicone-impregnated glass mineral wool slab, supplied in a variety of thicknesses, in 1200mm x 455mm dimension compatible with conventional wall tie spacing.

    Isover CWS is composed of high quality glass wool, which is bonded with a synthetic, thermo-setting resin, silicone impregnated, to form a strong yet resilient insulating slab, which is easy to handle, cut and install.


    M4 Product Table

    Encon Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    17KCWS36150 ISOVER CWS 36 1200x455x150mm ( 6) PACK
    17KCWS36125 ISOVER CWS 36 1200x455x125mm ( 8) PACK
    17KCWS36100 ISOVER CWS 36 1200x455x100mm (12) PACK
    17KCWS36085 ISOVER CWS 36 1200x455x 85mm (12) PACK
    17KCWS36075 ISOVER CWS 36 1200x455x 75mm (16) PACK
    17KCWS36065 ISOVER CWS 36 1200x455x 65mm (16) PACK
    17KCWS36050 ISOVER CWS 36 1200x455x 50mm (20) PACK
    17KCWS32150 ISOVER CWS 32 1200x455x150mm ( 4) PACK
    17KCWS32125 ISOVER CWS 32 1200x455x125mm ( 5) PACK
    17KCWS32100 ISOVER CWS 32 1200x455x100mm ( 6) PACK
    17KCWS32085 ISOVER CWS 32 1200x455x 85mm ( 8) PACK
    17KCWS32075 ISOVER CWS 32 1200x455x 75mm (10) PACK
    17KCWS32065 ISOVER CWS 32 1200x455x 65mm (12) PACK
    17KCWS32050 ISOVER CWS 32 1200x455x 50mm (14) PACK
    17KCWS34075 ISOVER CWS 34 1200x455x 75mm (10)
    17KCWS34100 ISOVER CWS 34 1200x455x100mm ( 8)
    17KCWS34125 ISOVER CWS 34 1200x455x125mm ( 6)
    17KCWS34150 ISOVER CWS 34 1200x455x150mm ( 5)

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