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    Cavity AccessoriesCavity ClosersFire Protection

    Product Type:

      Mineral Fibre - Rock, Passive Fire Protection

    Market Sector:

      Building, Roofing

    PFC Corofil RSB2 Open State Cavity Barrier

    Product Description:


    PFC Corofil RSB2 Open State Cavity Barrier has been developed to provide both vertical and horizontal firestopping for a variety of cladding systems. Tested in accordance with BS EN:1363-1:1999 and to the principles of EOTA TR31, the system has been shown to provide up to 1 hour fire rating. PFC Corofil RSB2 Open State Cavity Barrier can offer a minimum free cavity of 25mm to allow water drainage and air circulation behind rainscreen panels.

    General benefits:

    • RSB2 expands rapidly to form a robust fire barrier between the inner substrate and back of the panel.
    • Suitable for cavities from 50mm to 300mm wide using timber, cement board and masonry/concrete substrates
    • Fast and easy to install, easy to cut with knife
    • Supplied in 1 metre lengths with pig tail screws and brackets (where required)
    • Can be fitted directly to face of rainscreen insulation (limitations apply)
    • Weather resistant


    PFC Corofil RSB2 consists of a polythene wrapped, high expansion intumescent strip which is fixed into a high density mineral wool strip (75mm deep). Each metre long piece of the intumescent is secured to the mineral wool by means of 4 x 65mm pig tailed screws, ensuring that the heads of the screws completely span the remaining air gap to the back of the panel. PFC Corofil RSB2 is manufactured to suit the overall size of the cavity between the inner wall and back of the rainscreen panel. All insulation must be removed in the plane of the fire barrier. The width of the seal is 25mm/35mm less than the overall cavity (inclusive of insulation thickness) and the depth of the seal in all applications is 75mm.

    For smaller cavities up to 100mm wide, PFC Corofil RSB2 seals can be directly fixed at mid point to the inner substrate using nails or screws. For cavities ranging from 101mm - 300mm wide, the seal is supported on the inner substrate by spiking the PFC Corofil RSB2 mid depth with a minimum of 2 x galvanised steel brackets, for each complete or off cut length. The galvanised steel brackets must be spiked by a minimum of 75% of the seal’s width. All joints in the RSB2 barrier must be tightly abutted and any small gaps arising between the back of the PFC Corofil RSB2 and the inner substrate must be sealed with PFC Corofil Acoustic Intumescent Sealant.


    Install PFC Corofil RSB2 Open State Cavity Barrier in all horizontal and vertical cavities behind the Rainscreen Cladding Systems to provide up to one hour fire rating and maintain a free air gap for ventilation and drainage (minimum of 25mm wide). Installation to be fully in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.


    When ordering this product you will need the following information:

    • The buildup of the Rainscreen System
    • The overall cavity size (including the insulation layer type and thickness)
    • The minimum free air gap required for drainage and ventilation (in mm)
    • Fire rating required (in minutes)
    • Quantity required (in linear metres)
    • Horizontal or Vertical Barrier


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