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    Universal InsulationVessels, Tanks, Chimneys etc

    Product Type:

      Mineral Fibre - Rock

    Market Sector:

      Building, Industrial

    ROCKWOOL ProRox SL 960 UK (05A)

    Product Description:

    Formerly RW5

    Product Description

    ProRox SL 960 UK is a strong and rigid slab and is especially suitable for the thermal and acoustic insulation of constructions up to intermediate temperatures. ProRox SL 960 UK slabs can also be supplied in a special water repellent grade to meet the BP Engineering Standard 172. Please ask for our ProRox SL 961 UK slabs. Reinforced aluminium foil facing is also available.


    ProRox SL 960 UK conforms to EN 14303:2009+A1:2013. Thermal insulation products for building equipment and industrial installations. Factory made mineral wool products (MW). Specification and can be used to satisfy BS 5422: "Method for specifying thermal insulating materials for pipes, tanks, vessels, ductwork and equipment operating within the temperature range -40°C to +700°C".

    View Rockwool ProRox SL 960 UK on Rockwool Technical Insulation website here


    M4 Product Table

    Encon Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    05AA12SL960100 RW PROROX SL 960 UK 1200x600x100mm ( 2) PACK
    05AA12SL960075 RW PROROX SL 960 UK 1200x600x 75mm ( 3) PACK
    05AA12SL960060 RW PROROX SL 960 UK 1200x600x 60mm ( 4) PACK
    05AA12SL960050 RW PROROX SL 960 UK 1200x600x 50mm ( 4) PACK
    05AA12SL960040 RW PROROX SL 960 UK 1200x600x 40mm ( 6) PACK
    05AA12SL960030 RW PROROX SL 960 UK 1200x600x 30mm ( 8) PACK
    05AA12SL960025 RW PROROX SL 960 UK 1200x600x 25mm ( 8) PACK
    06AH12SL960060 PROROX SL 960 UK 1200x600x 60mmH&V(4)
    06AH12SL960100 PROROX SL 960 UK 1200x600x100mmH&V(2)
    06AH12SL960040 PROROX SL 960 UK 1200x600x 40mmH&V(6) PACK
    06AH12SL960075 PROROX SL 960 UK 1200x600x 75mmH&V(3)
    06AH12SL960025 PROROX SL 960 UK 1200x600x 25mmH&V(8)
    06AH12SL960050 PROROX SL 960 UK 1200x600x 50mmH&V(4)