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    AcousticDrywall Accessories - OtherFire Protection

    Product Type:

      Drywall Accessories

    Market Sector:

      Nevill Long

    PFC Corofil High Expansion Intumescent Sealant (35P)

    Product Description:

    PFC Corofil HE Intumescent Sealant is recommended for use where a flexible and durable fire resistant seal is required. In the event of fire, the sealant exerts a positive pressure to make a joint, smoke, gas or water tight seal. Tested in accordance with BS EN:1366-3, PFC Corofil HE Intumescent Sealant will provide up to 2 hours fire protection.

    PFC Corofil HE Intumescent Sealant is an easy to apply waterborne acrylic emulsion sealant containing graphite which expands at temperatures above 135ºC sealing around various penetrations and services to prevent the passage of smoke and flames.

    Suitable applications include:

    • Combustible and non combustible pipes
    • Cables (single cables or bunches of cables)
    • Other permanent services
    • Suitable for masonry/plasterboard walls and concrete floors

    Application Procedure

    • Application Temperature Range: + 4°C to + 35°C 
    • Service Temperature Range: - 15°C to 70°C


    • The sealant is not intended for application on bituminous substrates or substrates that can exude certain oils and plasticizers or solvents.
    • The sealant is not recommended for submerged joints or areas exposed to high abrasion.
    • The sealant is not suitable for food contact or medical applications.



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