PFC VFB+ Open State Cavity Barrier

PFC Corofil VFB+ Open State Cavity Barrier is used to prevent the spread of fire for up to 90 minutes between horizontal or vertical cavities where a continuous air gap needs to be maintained.


  • Suitable for cavity widths up to 500mm in accordance with the fire rating table in datasheet
  • Intumescent material expands to fill a continuous air gap of up to 44mm wide
  • Allows ventilation and moisture dissipation thus preventing damp problems
  • Suitable for most horizontal and vertical cavities

Product code : 35PAVFB

PFC Corofil VFB+ Open State Cavity Barrier

When ordering this product please provide the following information: • Overall size of cavity (in mm) • Type of substrate forming the overall cavity • Size of air gap required • Type of insulation and thickness (in mm) • Quantity required (in linear metres)