PFC Fire Rated Silicone 310ml

PFC Corofil Fire Rated Silicone Sealant is designed to be used to seal small gaps around metal based services (steel pipes & cables) penetrating concrete, masonry or blockwork walls, subject to limitations on size and type of penetration. PFC Corofil Fire Rated Silicone Sealant can also be used for sealing linear joints in masonry, concrete or blockwork walls subject to limitations on the size of the joint and the surfaces to be sealed.


• Provides up to 4 hours fire protection in linear joints up to 40mm wide

• Suitable for steel pipes up to 75mm diameter

• Suitable for cable bundles up to 50mm diameter

Product code : 35PCSILICONE

Key Performance Criteria

  • Product Type : Sealant
  • Fire Rating Up To No Mins : Up to 240 mins
  • Mass

    Volume : 310ml


    Colour : White

    Unit & Pack Information

    Unit Type : Carton

    Unit Pack Quantity : 1

PFC Corofil Fire Rated Silicone