PFC Corofil Universal Wrap

PFC Corofil Universal Wrap is a graphite based intumescent material, manufactured in 25 meter reels 2mm thick x 40mm wide. It is designed and tested to seal penetration apertures containing plastic and metallic pipes, including insulated pipes.

The PFC Corofil Universal Wrap has been manufactured to provide high volume expansion to pressure seal during a fire, and is tested to EN1366-3 for pipe sizes up to 250mm, offering up to 2 hours fire protection for integrity and insulation.

It can be used to reinstate the fire resistance performance where combustible pipe services penetrate gypsum based partitions, using PFC Corofil Coated Panel pattress fixed to gypsum, and can also be used in rigid walls and floors


• Simple to install

• One product fits pipe sizes up to 250mm diameter

• No mechanical fixings

• Water resistant

• Maintenance free

• Tested to EN1366-3: 2009

• Classified as EI120 using EN 13501-2

• 3rd Party accreditation

• CE Marked

Product code : 35PEIUFW

PFC Corofil Universal Wrap