PFC Corofil RSB2 Open State Cavity Barrier

PFC Corofil RSB2 open state cavity barrier is used to prevent the spread of fire for up to 60 minutes between horizontal or vertical cavities in external walls where a continuous air gap needs to be maintained.


  • The intumescent element of RSB2 expands to form a fire barrier between the inner substrate and back of the outer leaf.
  • Suitable for cavities from 51mm to 300mm wide using OSB faced timber stud, concrete blocks faced with cement board and masonry/concrete substrates.
  • Intumescent material expands to fill a continuous air gap of up to 25mm

Product code : 35PARSB2

PFC Corofil RSB2 Open State Cavity Barrier

When ordering this product you will need the following information: • The build-up of the rainscreen system • The overall cavity size (including the insulation layer type and thickness) • The minimum free air gap required for drainage and ventilation (in mm) • Fire rating required (in minutes) • Quantity required (in linear metres) • Horizontal or vertical barrier