PFC Corofil Intumescent Pillows CIPI

PFC Corofil Intumescent Pillows are a mixture of reactive and non-reactive components encased in a thin woven glass fibre casing.

A dry passive fire protection system, Intumescent Pillows do not require the use of any sealant or sealing products.

Use PFC Corofil Intumescent Pillows to reinstate the fire resistance performance of rigid walls where they have been penetrated by various cables and single metallic pipes.

They are suitable for use in both permanent and temporary applications. The pillows can be installed into openings up to 1100mm x 1100mm depending upon the configuration.

  • Easy to remove and reinstate whilst changing or adding services
  • Suitable for use within steel trunking and cable trays installed in block, masonry or concrete walls
  • Suitable for installation around steel pipes and cables directly into masonry walls
  • Third party certified

Please refer to manufacturer’s technical data sheet for details on fire performance.

Product code : 35PDCIPI