PFC C25 Cable Firestop 1000x60x33mm

PFC Corofil C25 Cable Firestop is used only in conjunction with the PFC Corofil Coated Panel system to seal around cables supported on cable trays or within trunking that penetrate walls and floors. PFC Corofil C25 Cable Firestop is a compressible fire retardant foam laminated both sides with a graphite based intumescent polymer strip.

Product code : X35PDC25

Key Performance Criteria

  • Fire Rating Up To No Mins : Up to 240 mins
  • Unit & Pack Information

    Unit Type : Length

    Unit Pack Quantity : 1

Ordering C25 Cable Firestop

Please provide the following information: * Size of cable tray or electrical trunking * Approximate percentage fill of cables * Quantity required (in linear meters)