Manufacturer: LONGLINE

Longline Vision is a fully glazed frameless partitioning system that combines design aesthetics with outstanding performance. The system offers the opportunity to create partitioning without vertical mullions to a maximum height of 3000mm and is available in single- and double-glazed options.

Longline Vision can be used as a stand-alone glass partitioning system, but it is also designed to integrate with plasterboard ceilings and Longline Drywall. It allows for seamless integration from glass to solid. Glazed sections recess into drywall junctions to provide a single-walled partitioning system of both glass and drywall.

Benefits are:

  • No mullions ensuring beautiful aesthetics
  • Excellent acoustic performance
  • Design and colour options
  • Seamless integration into drywall
  • A wide range of manifestations
  • Versatility to create whatever you want