Knauf Siliconharz Paint PGI

Knauf Siliconharz is a silicone resin exterior paint used in the equalisation of faƧades. Knauf Siliconharz can be applied over marble and mineral finishes such as Knauf Noblo and can also be used for overpainting Knauf Conni and Addi finishes.

Product code : 62QPASH12PG1

  • Mass

    Weight Volume : 12.5L

    Coverage : 70m2 smooth - 50m2 rough per 12.5L tub (1 coat)


    Colour : White PGI

    Unit & Pack Information

    Shelf Life Months : 24 months

    Unit Type : Tub

    Unit Pack Quantity : 1

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Knauf Siliconharz Silicone Resin Paint