Knauf Insulation Rocksilk Flat Roof Slab

Rocksilk® Flat Roof Slab is a BBA certified Rock Mineral Wool slab, designed for use in mechanically fixed flat roof build ups onto all types of roof deck. It is non-combustible with the best possible Euroclass A1 reaction to fire classification and is manufactured using Knauf Insulation's Krimpact® Technology.

  • Slabs contain a special additive to ensure their water repellence.
  • Manufactured using Knauf Insulation's Krimpact® Technology for high levels of compressive strength and durability.
  • Excellent sound absorption and reduction characteristics reducing the drumming effect of rainfall.
  • Compatible with a wide range of single ply membranes.
  • Slabs are engineered to adapt to minor imperfections in the substrates.

Product code : 52EFR1