Knauf Insulation Omnifit Roll 40 4.55x1200x150mm

OmniFitĀ® Roll 40 is a Glass Mineral Wool roll, designed for use in multiple applications that offers excellent thermal and acoustic performance. It is non-combustible with the best possible Euroclass A1 reaction to fire classification and is manufactured using Knauf Insulation's unique bio-based binder, ECOSEĀ® Technology.

  • Multi-purpose product which can be used to insulate a wide range of applications, meaning less products on a vehicle and on-site.
  • Partially perforated rolls for use in either timber or steel frame applications at 400mm or 600mm centres.
  • Compression packed with more product on a roll than alternative Rock Mineral Wool rolls.

Product code : 18R40150


Key Performance Criteria

  • Thermal Resistance : 3.75m²K/W
  • Thermal Conductivity : 0.040W/mK
  • Euroclass Fire Classification : A1