KCS AMF VENTATEC Performance T15 - High SG Cross Tee

The AMF VENTATEC® Performance T15 - High | SG grid system offers maximum flexibility, as a simple Click-construction, with higher butt cut Cross Tees providing more stability.

The system can be individually adapted to meet many aesthetic and functional design requirements.

  • Stable and secure with a finer, more elegant appearance with 15mm visible profiles
  • High loading capacity due to 38mm high Main Runners and Cross Tees
  • The combination of stitching and ribbing delivers very high stability and torsional strength
  • The riveted stainless steel Click-connector audibly clicks in place and can be easily removed when required
  • Butt cut Cross Tee system preferred for precise flush connection of the grid face

Product code : 56GKVCTSG15