AMF TOPIQ® Sonic element is a frameless and jointless ceiling raft, featuring the AMF TOPIQ® Strong Edge Technology. It also benefits from a fully colour coated face and reverse laminate fleece. The monolithic ceiling raft design offers excellent sound absorption properties and when installed gives the appearance of a free-floating ceiling cloud.

Available sizes:

Trapezoid 1170 x 870; Hexagon 1170 x 1013; Left Parallelogram 1170 x 1170; Right Parallelogram 1170 x 1170; Square 1180 x 1180; Rectangle 1200 x 600; Rectangle 1780 x 1180; Rectangle 1800 x 900; Rectangle 2380 x 1180; Circle Ø 800; Circle Ø 1200

Benefits are:

  • Very high sound absorption Class A
  • Fleece coating on both faces with a strong durable high quality colour edge coating to match the faces
  • Moisture resistant to 100%