Kay-Metzeler Vita Claylite 2400x1200x75mm

Claylite is a green coloured low density expanded polystyrene compressible fill board which acts to absorb movement between ground and concrete foundations to alleviate pressure on structures caused by clay heave, shrinkage or other soil movement.

Product code : 29K24001200075

  • Dimensions

    Thickness : 75mm

    Width : 1200mm

    Length : 2400mm


    Weight : 2.16kg per m²

    Density : 10kg per m3

    Coverage : 11.52m² per pack


    Material : EPS

    Unit & Pack Information

    Unit Type : Sheet

    Unit Pack Quantity : 4

Kay-Metzeler Vita Claylite

Lightweight EPS Clay Heave Protection, Fully Recyclable, Contains No HBCD's