Manufacturer: ISOVER

Isover U Tech Pipe Section MT 4.0

ULTIMATE™ is an innovative next generation mineral wool which combines all the advantages of conventional thermal and acoustic insulation, with a top level fire classification. U TECH Pipe Sections MT 4.0 provide optimal thermal insulation, reaching highest levels of thermal performance at continuous temperatures of up to 660 °C, even under tough conditions e.g. mechanical stress like vibrations. At 1.2m long Isover’s U TECH Pipe Sections are up to 20% longer than traditional stone wool alternatives offering a lightweight yet robust pipe sections for industrial pipework.

Benefits are:

  • Excellent thermal insulation with up to 7.5% better thermal conductivity - Option to reduce insulation thickness without compromising on performance. Meets all personnel protection requirements.
  • Up to 55% lighter than traditional stone wool solutions - Up to 20% longer than alternative stone wool pipe sections allowing fast and efficient installation.
  • Easy and quick to cut. Easy to handle and apply.
  • Euroclass A1 fire rating when classified with BS EN 13501-1 - Totally non-combustible.
  • Fully CE Marked to EN14303 "Thermal insulation products for building and industrial equipment" - All products are tested to the latest European standards regarding safety and quality control.